How to Sell a Quilling Card



So, you just got in your first shipment from Quilling Card and now want to know, “How do I sell these cards?!” We understand that our cards are offered at a higher price point than many other cards. The true value of a Quilling Card more than makes up for that disparity.  

Unlike other cards on the market, a Quilling Card is a gift in itself and meant to be treasured as a keepsake. To help you share that value with your customers, we have provided you with some main points of value and differentiation to highlight below.  

What is Quilling?


Many potential customers are often not familiar with the paper art known as quilling. Quilling is the fine art of rolled, shaped, and glued paper that results in creating a beautiful decorative design. Each of our designs are quilled by hand. Watch video above to see a Quilling Card come to life.

A Quilling Card is Handcrafted

Quillers creating a card.


Your customers will be delighted to know that each quilled card is delicately handmade in exquisite detail and vibrant color by a master artisan and takes one hour to be brought to life. More than just a card, a Quilling Card is a work of art. 

Display a Quilling Card as Home Decor 

A happy gardening quilled card on display in a frame.


Share with your customers that a Quilling Card is a keepsake that they can display in our specially made shadow box frames. Our frames can be displayed on a shelf or on a wall. This makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one or for one to keep as home decor. 

Personalize a Quilling Card with Your Own Sentiment

Hands writing a message in a quilled card.


Quilling Cards do not include pre-written sentiments inside our cards. This is for good reason: We feel that each card is a work of art and the sentiment should share the giver's own personal message to make it more special. 

Share with your customer that each card includes an insert on which they can write their own personalized message. This allows them to tell the recipient exactly how they feel. The recipient will value a card more with a personalized, thoughtful message.

Quilling Card Is a Woman-, Minority-, and Family-Owned Small Business

Huong and Rafe Wolf


Quilling Card was founded in 2011 by CEO Huong Wolf and her husband, president Rafe Wolf. We are a small business located in Framingham, Massachusetts with 10 employees.  

Quilling Card is Fair Trade Federation Certified

Fair Trade Federation Member logo


Many Quilling Card fans value the handmade artistry of our cards and support us for our commitment to Fair Trade practices. CEO Huong Wolf, who was born and raised in Vietnam, founded Quilling Card to provide a career for young women in her home country. As a Fair Trade Certified business, we are dedicated to an equitable partnership with our artisans, ensuring that they are paid a fair wage and have a safe work environment.



We suggest getting to know each of these points of value and differentiation very well in order to better help answer your customers' questions and understand the true worth of a Quilling Card. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.