Quilled Bee-eater Greeting Card

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Send a quilled Bee-eater to a friend who you admire for their strength. The Bee-eater is immune to bee-stings and can be sent to someone you feel is impervious to poisoned words, gazes and acts which may affect others but not them. The handcrafted card shows a colorful bird in hues of red, yellow, blue, green, gray and black perched on a branch with its long black beak open. 

Don’t just send a card, send art!

Verified Fair Trade Federation Member

Outside Copy: Blank
Inside Copy: Blank plus additional blank insert to write your own message on
Size: 6 in. x 6 in.
Envelope Color: Light Blue

*Extra postage required for mailing

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Quilled Bee-eater Greeting Card
Quilled Bee-eater Greeting Card1258
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